How to take on NYC....

Where do I even begin with my trip to NYC. I know I totally bombarded your Instagram feeds with my over sharing, but I couldn't stop. I literally had butterflies the entire time driving around the city. It felt like home. The hustle and bustle...the no BS conversations and the incredible food. 

 I will be posting everything I purchased (probably next week), but for now, here are the pictures from my camera of my entire trip! 

To start...these ladies are the beauties that brought me out. 

Left to Right - Me, Jen with, Kelly & Carol - founders of PREP Cosmetics. 

These gorgeous ladies had meetings with a very impressive list of beauty editors from magazines that we all drool over every month. So they had to look fabulous. So I went out to glam them up for their meetings, and then had the entire day to walk all over one of my favorite cities and explore...and that I did. 

I started my day by jumping in a cab and told the driver to take me to good shopping on 5th Ave. My first mistake..haha #NYCAmateur. He dropped me off at Tiffany's. TIFFANY'S!!! In my dreams. Anyway, so I started walking along Central Park towards the Upper East Side, and only because I have heard Carrie Bradshaw talk about it. #Embarrassing. I walked in too many zig zags to count and fell in love with the apartments, shops and the atmosphere. I ended up at this shop, Milly. It had mostly black outfits in the window (If you know me, you know I wear my blacks pretty much all the time). So naturally, I went in. I looked around and died and went to heaven. Black clothes everywhere, leopard and sequins. #ThisWasMyStore. The girls greeted me right away, and once they found out I was in NYC for less than 48 hours and only had one day to shop - they planned my entire day out for me. Check out my Milly Ladies below. 

My first official stop on their "To Do" List was lunch at VQ's (Via Quandronno) . JEEZ was that a treat. I sat in there, in absolute shock that I was able to be that one person, sitting in a cafe, by myself in NYC. Definitely crossed that off my Bucket List. Everyone spoke italian, the food was incredible and the server was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Barely spoke english, and ordered my entire meal for me. Mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto with an olive pâté on the best bread I've ever had. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. #Perfection. 

After lunch, my next instructions were to hop in a cab and firmly say "Prince & West Broadway Please!". Which took me right to the corner of my happy place. SoHo is a freaking dream. I turned around in a circle looking at all the shops and almost had to laugh....There goes my entire paycheck.  Birchbox, Piperlime, French Connection, NARS....And as I walked further - Zara, Top Shop, MAC, Kate Spade. Every dream store you can imagine was there, plus some. 

Birchbox had a BYOB - Build your own box, so of course, I had to start with that. 

Next, was Piperlime. They have a limited amount of stores, so I was beyond stoked to stumble upon one. And yes, I definitely took home a GEM from there. (Post coming soon!) 

After Piperlime, I RAN (jk) to Dash. I am slightly obsessed with the Kardashians #HatersGannaHate.  Everything in the store started at $300... so my purchases were limited. I stuck to the "Dash" souvenir table! (Wish I had the emoji that laughed so hard it was crying - insert here). After dash, I had a blast in NARS and picked up some AMAZING finds.... including the always sold out ITA brush!!! (again, posting soon!!) 

I went in quite a few more stores, but didn't document as much...I was busy and had my arms full of bags! Here are a few insta pictures! 


I went into this shop called BITE and tried my hardest to get an appointment but they were beyond booked and wouldn't let me jack someone else's spot.  But it is a place to make your own LIPSTICK!! I died! I wanted to do it so bad, but instead just snapped a bunch of pictures for a reminder to do it next time! 

I hope you enjoyed my recap of my NYC trip, and make sure you are following along on INSTAGRAM - you will see loads of photos from NYC there! As for all my purchases, I will be posting hopefully next week on my outfits, make up finds and souvenirs! 

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