Jaime Lately // Do I Hear Crickets??


So its been a few weeks since I have blogged. So I thought I would give an update, on life.

October is my crazy month. Always. It's like everyone in Phoenix has high hopes that the temps will drop, we can plan a bunch of events and we can magically go outside without being mostly naked and maybe wear a sweater. Only to be disappointed each October that its still in the high 90's.  It's hot and I am annoyed by it. #CanYouTell? So I have been on long days of production shoots, weddings and with my clients that fly in seasonally.  I am so tired. And the kids feel it for sure. And so does my messy house. But I have blocked out the rest of this month, so no more events on site. Time to rest up, catch up and clean up. I am really looking forward to this being my last crazy October, honestly. As much as I love my clients, I need time to rest. I've been going at this for 12 years and its just too much. 

I have started some really new, crazy, cool things too, but I cant share just yet. But they require a little less on site commitment then Hair & Make Up does. 

As for our little tribe, the babies caught a tummy bug this past week, so that was gross. Mia bumped her head and had to take her in. But she's ok. And this mommy and daddy are just wrecked. We are needing some serious time together away from the kiddos. 

We head out for London in 3 weeks, and we cannot wait. I need some cooler temps, some actual weather and some nice people. I cannot wait to grocery shop, eat everywhere and spend time with family over there. Literally counting down the days. Speaking of, who wants to follow along on our trip? I will probably do some videos and hopefully some posts for you all. 

Anyway, thanks for tuning in. And some good content will be coming soon. Once I rest up a bit.



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