Juice Plus and Bridging the Gap


My family and I usually eat fairly healthy. We definitely enjoy your treats every once in a while but for the most part our core meals are meats fruits veggies and nuts. Avocados are in almost every single meal because were obsessed. But after I had Mia my diet had to change an adjust a bit. I had to switch to more bland foods because dark green veggies and tomatoes or tomato-based products hurt her tummy. She was nursing frequently and a lot of the times it was back to back feedings. I was absolutely exhausted and felt frustrated because she didn't seem content or satisfied. I realized that I wasn't getting nearly enough nutrition and did some research on vitamins and supplements that were safe for breastfeeding mothers. 

A friend suggested Juice Plus. Since taking these, Mia is a COMPLETELY different baby. She is SO calm, content and falls asleep after feedings. She doesn't cluster feed anymore and seems 100 times more satisfied than before. Not only is Mia more satisfied but my family and I are as well. Because my husband and I take the supplements, we get the kids supplements for free. They get gummies and LOVE them too. My husband and I's appetite has changed dramatically. He doesn't have as many cravings as before and honestly doesn't want too much meat anymore. I love salads and veggies even more and feel like my energy is sustained better throughout the day. 

So any new mamas...I HIGHLY recommend this. Like it is a MUST HAVE. I guarantee the doctors would have said Mia had gas or colic or some other issue. But I just feel like she wasn't getting enough nutrition. (Although breastmilk is all they needs "regardless" of mommy's nutrition, it definitely helps). I also am taking a probiotic from sprouts and the combination have us feeling AWESOME! Let me know if you have questions about Juice Plus and I will put you in contact with my "dealer"! Ha! 


This is post is not sponsored and I don't sell this product - I just truly LOVE how it has helped Mia and our family feel!  



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