Kitchen Essentials | The Pampered Chef

Who grew up with their mama's using these tools?? <both hands raised> But The Pampered Chef tools seriously are the most durable and BEST tools. They last FOREVER! These are my favorite tools that I have around my kitchen....and a few of the items I don't yet have, but are definitely on my wish list! What items are your favorite from Pampered Chef? 

1. Batter Bowl // $18.50 //I have many fond memories of licking the cake batter from this bowl! So durable, and the cover is! 

2. Rectangular Bake Set // $125 // Now, this isnt something we used growing up, but I am DYING to get it! Their stoneware is amazing and cooks everything PERFECT so I can't wait to try these out! 

3. Stoneware Cookie Sheet // $36.50 // Again, their stoneware is so amazing and always cooked our cookies PERFECTLY. This is a must have for any kitchen! And our cookies never stuck to the sheet or got burnt. 

4. Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer // $34.50 // If you have kids, you need this bad boy. Seriously peels apples SO great, cores them and slices them! Works awesome for apple pies too!

5. Mini Serving Spatula // $8.50 // Perfect to go with your cookie sheet to lift those delish cookies right off that stoneware cookie sheet!  

6. Cookie Scoop // $17.50 // Obviously, you know what two other items this goes great with! And I am seeing a trend here....we might like cookies in this house lol. But this is the #1 tool I remember from my moms kitchen. Perfectly scooped cookies or ice cream! 


What are your favorite pampered chef items? Shop the entire site HERE