Kitchen Reveal!!!! ​

Finally guys!!!! Check out this before and after!!  


I am finally sharing our house! It's been a project. An emotional, expensive and challenging experience. It's not finished, and we still have SO much to do!! But here it is!!!  

How gross is this before?!? Ugh! We knew we were going to re do pretty much any house we got, but I think we underestimated this. I thought I was chip and jo walking around the house like "redo the flooring, new back splash, new caninets etc etc etc." But there is so much that goes into it!



Tearing up the tile was a joke. And this tile was so gross and old. YUCK!  


But the backsplash was even worse! I swear they cemented it on the walls! When we tore it off, we literally ripped all the dry wall off with it. We were not anticipating having to redo the drywall but thankfully our friend Jared came to the rescue with literally every issue we ran into!  


And here we go! This is what it looks like now. We still need to put hardware on the cabinets, decorate and a few small painting touch ups, but how crazy?!? Such a difference!! 



I have ordered bar stools for the bar area and I'll be painting or replacing the pantry door. Can't wait till it's totally finished!! Now who wants to help decorate?!? 

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