Lipstick Depotting 101

Today is National Lipstick Day so I thought it would be The perfect opportunity to share how I keep my make up kit organized and how I manage all 900,000 Colors of lipstick that I currently keep in my kit. OK maybe not 900,000 but I definitely have a lot.  


When I first started out as a make up artist I thought that I needed every single color of everything. Foundation, lipstick, blush etc. but after doing make up for sometime I realize that being a minimalist cuts down my application time, keeps me organized and is a hell of a lot lighter to carry when I'm traveling to all ends of the earth to glam some ladies up. 


So instead of searching through a massive bag of lipsticks to try to read the bottom of the lipstick to see what color I am pulling out I decided to put all of my lipsticks in one or two cases. Simplify if you will.  


I purchased this case that has 24 compartments and I literally took a small cake spatula that you would use to decorate a cake and cut the lipsticks into thirds and smash them into each compartment. (I did not have a photographer to take a step-by-step picture for this process so these will have to do) 


I made a note on my iPhone in order with which color I placed in each compartment so that when I need to replenish a specific color I have it on my phone with me at the store.  

It it has made life so much easier when it comes to the organizational part of working and trying to find the colors I need quickly!

Find the cases here //