Mother's Day Mac Haul


We had a pretty relaxed weekend for Mother's Day. Which is just what we all needed. But the hubs said they didn't know what to get me, so I could pick something out myself. So naturally, I went with some new make up! I mean, being 5 weeks away from delivering, there isn't much that fits me anyway. But make up always does! Some of my purchases were just restocking my bag with things I was out of and then I snuck in a couple new items! Check out what I got below.

Restock Items //

Pro Longwear Concealer - NC20 - I use this as a concealer and a highlighter under my eyes, around my mouth and nose and up my forehead a teeny bit. 

Modesty Lipstick - The BEST Nude/neutral lip color from MAC. I used to use it at all of my weddings and now its my every day color. 

Deelight Lipgloss - The best lipgloss ever. Looks incredible straight on the lips or on top of Modesty. No glitter in it, only a sheer gloss. It's perfect and my absolute favorite. 

Paint Pot - Painterly - I use this all over my eye lid to hold all of my shadow on. It neutralizes any lid discoloration and just creates a clean slate for all shadows. 

My New Purchases // 

Paint Pot - Camel Coat - This is similar to Painterly, but a smidge darker. Still matte and nude, no shimmer. But gorgeous! 

Extra Dimension Skinfinish - Showgold  - I mean, who wouldn't want a gorgeous highlighter for those cheekbones in summertime? 

Extra Dimension Blush - Hushed Tone - This was so gorgeous and subtle, I had to get it. Just a little bit on the cheek look so pretty and gives the nicest glow! 


What are your favorite products from MAC?