First Birthday Cake Smash Photos!

First of all, pinch me. These are MY kids??? LOVE THEM! Second of all, I am so thankful for my Aunt, Kathy Cole Photography, who captures the most precious memories of my family. We did a session for Mia's First birthday and she was such a turd...until the cake came out! Then she was all about it! She loved the cake and seriously cracked us up! Check out her cake smash photos below! 

My aunt also captured some really great family photos of us, which by the way is so stressful. Why cant family photos be chilled out and easy? I was sweating my butt off and my kids had way to much candy (from bribing them). And my poor aunt was out of breath and all sweaty trying to keep Mia's attention. But she managed, as usual, to get some great shots! Here is a sneak peek of just ONE family photo, because the really good ones will probably be on our christmas cards hehe :)  

And lastly, we tried to get some of me and my littlest, but she wasn't very interested. 

Ill share the photos from her birthday party next! We seriously enjoyed celebrating this little lady. She lights up our life!