Mommy's New Assistant, bObi

Alright, friends. I am going to admit it. Having 4 kids is freaking hard. It's dirty. And its a little bit stressful. I would rather spend my time reading and playing with my kids then cleaning. And my new friend bObi Classic from bObsweep lets me do just that! 

When I saw people had a robot vacuum, I turned green with envy! lol. I wanted one so bad, but honestly felt like we needed one. We have a pretty big house and most of the flooring is dark wood. Everyone told me when picking flooring out, "the darker the floor, the more crumbs and dirt/dust you can see on it!". Of course, I didn't listen. And went with these floors. And yes, you can see everything on them. Especially with 4 messy kids. I have to vacuum or sweep literally 3 times a day. It was miserable. 

Enter in bObi Classic....I just hit GO and she starts cleaning up after the kids and all the messes! Someone once told me to get a dog to help lick up all the food from the floor when the kids drop it. But, NO thank you. If we got a dog, I would have to pick up POOP. #Gross. I already clean up enough dirty diapers! It is so nice to be able to just hit GO and have my floors cleaned while we start on the dishes. By the time we are done with the dishes, the floors are already cleaned up from the dinner mess. Such a time saver and I love knowing that my floors are clean. 

There is even a microfiber cloth option that attaches to the bottom that mops as it vacuums. I honestly don't know how we went without one for so long. If you are investing in hardwood floors for your house (or any new flooring), I would say just add the cost of this into your budget. It is 100 times worth it! 

We received bObi from bObsweep, and as always, all opinions shared in this post and about this product are honest and my own.