More Please!

When I received the email with these images from Jillian Ryan Photography, I literally died. I spent FOREVER obsessing over them. Then to actually have to narrow down which ones to feature?? DUUUUDE. #WhatAJoke 

Anyway, this bridal party was sooo beautiful. I actually only did Make Up for this wedding!! My good friend and fellow stylist, Afton, did the hair. If you have emailed me and I was either booked or going to be on maternity leave - you have Afton's #. She is my #1 referral for hair. Because she has got it. She has the eye - not only for cuts and colors but styling as well. 

So needless to say - Afton and I make a great team! Check out the over abundance of images below! And a huge thanks, again, to Jillian Ryan Photography for so graciously giving me access to this stunning wedding. 

If you are a past bride, PLEASE, send over your images so we can share and enjoy in the gorgeousness!