My Recent Mascara + Eyelash Favorites


I used to get lash extensions, and I LOVE them. I totally recommend them but honestly I don’t have the time anymore to maintain them. I wish I could, but right now our season of life is just so full. So I started looking into how I could get as similar effect at home, without putting on false lashes every single day..

In my guides, I have a list of 4 or 5 mascaras that are all equally amazing. But I’ve been loving this combination lately and think you will too!

I started including Lash Boost by R+F into my nightly skincare routine. I am totally not as consistent as I should be, but I typically remember to swipe it on my lash line a couple times a week. And I have seen SO much growth! My lashes are longer than ever.

The second thing I implemented was using a mascara primer. This bad boy is not included in the guide because its not something I ever used before, honestly. But I started and now I use it every day. There are so many brands that carry a lash primer so you have many options. I have only tried the Loreal Luminous Lash Primer and its been great so far!

And lastly, I’ve been consistently reaching for this Loreal Luminous Lash Paradise Mascara. Its inexpensive and is really close to the Better Than Sex Mascara.

Between the 3 of these, I feel my lashes are longer, my mascara goes on better, my eyes looks bigger and it doesn’t run down my face.

Mia did such great job showing off these products…I think she might be my new regular model!

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