My thoughts on Maskcara Beauty

My girl, Angela, from Minty Beauty Co sent over a Maskcara Beauty palette and brushes for me to try. I was SO excited because this is all the rave right now and I needed to see what it was all about and compare it to "my way" of things. First off, Angela is freaking gorgeous and a rockstar woman. I don't think I could even list ALL of what she does - first off she is a mom, she does make up, photography, and home/decor designs. What the what? #Rockstar. 

Basically, Maskcara is a cream based make up that you can easily and quickly contour and highlight with. The colors are beautiful. She color matched me great and I am honestly in love with the contour and blush colors she picked for me. The brushes are also really really good! I love that they are double ended. This is a great option for someone who doesn't want to spend much time on their beauty routine each morning. It gives you a quick option to have everything you need in one palette. 


For me personally, my products that I listed out in The Ultimate Beauty Guide are my tried and true products and methods that know look great, stay put all day long and I know I can count on. But I really think this is a cool and quick option for busy moms. Angela does a great job going live on social media and showing the best way to apply the Maskcara products and I love that! For me personally, I love my heavy coverage foundation but I actually have been using the Maskcara contour, blush and highlighter with my regular foundation and I love the way it looks!


It is a dewey finish for sure, and I think they have their own setting spray you can use that keeps the make up on longer. I do love a dewey look, but I am stuck in my old habits and love setting my under eye, forehead and upper lip with a powder. Even though I love my original products that I use daily, Maskcara will definitely keep a place in my make up bag because the colors are just too good and the brushes are my FAVORITE! Hit Angela up if you guys have any questions about it! 

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