Oh, Fall...where are you?

Yes, its still blistering hot in Arizona, and I must admit, I am not spending much time outside. But when I do actually get out of the house, its normally in a nice comfy dress like this. Its difficult to fight the urge to stay in jammies all day. And yes, most days I do. BUT this dress is honestly just as comfy and takes the same amount of effort to put on than "house" clothes. And you do feel much better once you get dressed for the day. 

As my due date approaches (October 2nd), I am finding that I am SO looking forward to fall fashion with OUT the belly. I cannot wait to be able to tuck my shirt in.....Oh goodness, I miss my tight jeans and cute tops. But for now, heres my summer style....which will probably stay for the next few weeks...or until baby decides to come :) 

Dress & Denim Jacket | Charlotte Russe 

Long Necklace | The Glitter Revival

Short Necklace | LavaEssentials

Sandals | Target (I think) 

And the hair! So many questions about the hair in the last photo - I used a 1" styling wand and Matrix Texturizing hairspray... Normally I go for a bigger wand (1 1/4") BUT, I tried the smaller one and LOVED the look. And the curls stayed in much longer than my loose barrel waves. Enjoy! 

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