Perfectly Imperfect | The Lifestyle Section

As most of you know I love all things hair and make up. But quite honestly, that only is about 20% of my week. My weeks are filled with my children, gym clothes, preparations for baby, etc. And there are about 9 million other things I love and am passionate about.

What are my other passions? Food. I am a foodie at heart. When I travel, I love to eat everywhere and taste the local food. I love to bake, cook and find new recipes. I love kitchen accessories. #NerdForReal. I mean my dream is to go into a restaurant supply shop and just go nuts. Cast Iron pans and measuring cups and spoons. Ah, my heart skips a beat. 

Whats my other #NerdConfession? I LOVE to read. Especially right now. Stay tuned for my summer reading list....its long. I love books about Jesus, I love bible studies, I love books about food and I love reading other bloggers books, design books, etc. My ideal morning, is to sit outside (When its not 115 degrees outside), drink coffee, munch on a pastry and read a book. 

I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is through essential oils that I cannot live with out, healthy cooking for my family, good family management, organization tips and tricks and natural health care options. 

So Instead of starting a new blog, I am going to just share all things Jaime, here. In the "Perfectly Imperfect" Section of my blog. Look forward to lots of new content and some exciting posts about preparing for baby!