Perfectly Imperfect | The start of the "baby must haves"

I've started a little collection of items for the little bun in the oven. I have fallen in love with some pretty gorgeous shops that not only have great products, but the companies have been started by Moms themselves. Before we were pregnant, I started following this company, Modern Wrap. Now, let me start by saying - I am an avid baby wearer. I fully believe in Exterogestation and what some people call the "Second Nine Months". It is rare that you see me pushing a stroller. Either the babies are on me or they are of age to walk. But thats an entirely different post. "BabyWearing 101"...coming soon. Anyway. 

Since we are not finding out the sex of the baby, its been a little difficult to prepare. Or at least it was difficult at first. My first thought was how do I even prepare? But then I soon realized, I don't really like color anyway. Neutrals are my best friend. We aren't decorating a nursery because the baby will be in our room. So furniture will be minimal and quite honestly - I am a minimalist anyway. 

So on to some items I've already purchased and definitely more to come...the wish list is growing! 

  1. Little Unicorn - where were you with my first two babies?? This shop has the most gorgeous baby blankets, ever! (Pictured Left). We don't know the gender of the baby, so of course I had to get one boy blanket and one girl blanket. Nothing more gorgeous than Navy and White stripes or a little Summer Poppy. I am in love with BOTH...and secretly hoping its a girl so I can use both blankets! 
  2. Modern Wrap - Classic Black and White striped Wrap for all the baby wearing of course! 
  3. Sofie the Giraffe - I purchased this when we were in London, last year. It was my "promise" to my husband that a baby would be in our near future. Little did we know, it was nearer than we both anticipated! hehe! 

Anyway, I cannot wait to share more items as they start to come in and share our wish list! Exciting stuff! Whats your guess? Will we have a baby girl or baby boy?