Pregnancy Update // 38 Weeks

We are on the home stretch! This pregnancy has gone by SO fast. When we found out we were expecting again, I got really nervous. With Mia, I was horribly sick and so exhausted. I could barely function. I had to sleep every day around 2 or 3pm, which naturally was the time I had to pick up the kids from school. And I literally couldn't eat anything. 

Lets just say, I had a looonnnggg hard chat with the Man upstairs, begging him to just carry me through the pregnancy. And guess what...He did. This pregnancy has been such a blessing. No sickness, total energy and over all just excitement! 

Fast forward to today, I am 38 weeks. And when people ask how far along I am and I tell them I have 2 weeks left, their response is always "Oh gosh, you must just be counting down the days!", or "You must be so done being pregnant". But guys, I am fine. Pregnancy doesn't have to be negative. Am I anxious to meet this baby, of course. But I am thankful for a great pregnancy. Does my body hurt? Yes. I am finally getting to the point where my back hurts and my belly has reached its max capacity. But I am ok. 

I am thankful for Midwives and a Doctor that are so easy going, they have made this pregnancy so stress free. If you are in the West Valley, you need to check out Premier Care 4 Women. They truly are incredible. With no cervical checks, there is no anxiety as to my "progress" or my "due date". It doesn't matter if I am early, on time or past my due date. Because baby knows when he/she is ready! 

For the next few weeks, I am focused on conditioning my body with Hypnobirthing, staying positive and trying to rest. Thankfully I have a great appetite and I have been able to eat lots of healthy meals to give myself energy! Although I feel ok, if you don't hear from me often its because I am naturally an introvert. And during times like these, I truly hibernate and retreat. I don't like visitors or talking on the phone much. And I get super sentimental about my family and the changes that are about to happen. Anyone else get like that? But I like to rest and just hang. 

I am so thankful for the lifestyle images Kourtney Marie Photography did for us while me and the kids were just hanging around the house...eating donuts. Because why not. They were Bosa...who can resist? Check them out below!