Resting After Baby

Kourtney Marie Photography // Parasol Co Diapers

Kourtney Marie Photography // Parasol Co Diapers

This is baby #4, and I think I finally figured it out. What did I figure out? Rest. Sounds silly right? 

With each of my first 3 previous pregnancies, I delivered the baby and went back to work RIGHT away. After all, I was a hair and make up artist, so I worked for myself. No one paid me maternity leave, no one gave me 6 weeks off. If I wasn't working, that meant I wasn't making an income. And at that time, that just wasn't possible. Fast forward, and I delivered Olivia and decided to just rest. I stayed in my jammies, I took a couple naps, and I didnt leave my house for about 2 weeks. I didn't go shopping as much as I wanted to. But the best rest of all, was resting from my phone. Not answering calls, not responding to every single message. I posted rarely on social media and that was only for work purposes. I just rested. I remained present with my family. I had no desire to get ready or even get dressed. And I cannot tell you another time in my life that this was even possible.

My husband and kids pretty much hated it. After 2 weeks, my husband was happy to return to work...cabin fever hit him hard and he was so bored (and tired of a clingy toddler and constantly cleaning messes). But I found so much peace in just staying home. 

I see to much pressure on too many moms to jump back to their normal size, get out of the house, run errands and get back to their schedules. It makes me sad that I didn't take this time before with the other babies. And to be honest, I am still in slight hibernation mode. Most days we stay in jammies and hang around the house. Other than some errands or an activity this week we have continued the rest knowing that when school starts for the big kids, the rest will be long gone. 

My question to all you mamas - how much time did you take off? What did you do during that time? And do you feel like we rest enough over here in America?