Saturdays are for Clean Sheets

It took me a long time to actually comprehend that I wouldn't be doing hair and make up for weddings anymore. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around the fact that I had worked so hard for 12 years to build my business up, and now, at the top of my game, I was walking away from it. Kind of bizarre and not many people understand why anyone would make that move. But when God says move, you do it. And it always pays off. 

Since gaining my weekends back, I have been able to rest. I have been able to be with my kids and I have been able to catch up on life. 

I definitely wouldn't say its been a full "catch up". I think with a bigger sized and growing family, you always have tasks that have to be done. Looking around we have half done renovations and dang does that grass grow far too quick out back. But I feel a little less overwhelmed.  I feel like I can finally start to stay on top of some things. One of my obsessions/addictions is white sheets and white towels. Freshly washed and yes, bleached. (I know, I know, bleach is terrible for you and detergent and softener has SO many chemicals). For a mostly chemical free house, this is my non negotiable. And I am not even going to mention what type of softener I use, because its cheap but my favorite smell, ever. But now that I am home on the weekends, I can actually strip everyones bed at once and wash our sheets. (And even put them back on the bed the same day). #MomWin. And Hello, Daily Rhythms.  I can actually leave survival mode and put some better systems in place to function better! 

As for our bedroom, It still isn't decorated. We bought our house in June last year and we've spent the last few months trying to fix the downstairs first. Because, lets be real, thats what people see. Not many people go upstairs. If you missed the Kitchen Reveal, check it out here.  Most of the downstairs is live-able now, so we can move up to the bedrooms. Our Master Bedroom is massive, so we decided to make half of it the new babies room. (I nurse the first 12 months or so, so baby stays fairly close to mom #AttachmentParenting). I am working with West Valley Moms Blog on Nursery Decor and we will be doing a big Nursery Reveal over there. Obviously gender neutral because we don't find out the gender until baby is born! But I cant wait to show you all! 

So now I am off to do sheets and towels....and smell them like a creep. Because clean sheets are the best. Happy Saturday, friends!