Pressing in and Pulling Back | The Last 90 Days


I sent an email out yesterday and the number of responses I got was insane. So many replies saying they couldn’t agree more, they were in the same boat and felt the same way. So I made it a blog post so you could share with your peeps and for those not on my list or who didn’t receive it - here it is!

Hi Friend,

While many online coaches, influencers and businesses are pressing in the last 90 days of the year and pushing their limits to achieve their goals, I am doing the opposite.

I am checking the last few items off of my todo list and signing off. The introvert in me needs some space, some quiet time and some decompression. After a really hard year, I need to step away from the chaos.

You see, this world wants you to do more, know more, learn more, say yes to more, push more. More more more.

And I can't do more.

I know that I am overextending myself when I feel off-balance, when I feel exhausted, overcommitted, overwhelmed and flat out empty. And that is where I am at.

And the next few months are only going to require more from me with the holidays and a few kid’s birthdays.

So what is my best yes? What is the next right thing?

The next right thing is to push forward with faith and press into my priorities. My family and my mental health and wellness. I can't be of service to anyone when I am depleted and empty.

Can you relate at all?

I am going to be signing off from social media from Mid November until January 1st. I am going to take a few weeks off and really dive deep into resetting myself, refueling myself, and spending time with my family. Not only that but being fully present during the holiday season.

The business will stay running, you will have access to my courses and you will still have the ability to purchase any of my courses. But, you won’t see me on Instagram for a while.

The plan is to send an email update to my subscribers once a week to check-in and keep you all in the loop with updates, some personal development challenges for you, some introspection questions for you to ponder and a way to connect with yourself and your family on a deeper level. But Instagram will be at a dead standstill until January. Sound interesting? Pop your email below to make sure you get the emails!

And if you want to join me in the social media sabbatical, I will have some more information on how to do it soon as well as the topics we will discuss via email over the next few months. (And maybe even a book or two for us to read through together)

I am so excited and I cannot wait for what the next few months have for us!


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