Summer Essentials + Favorites

We did a staycation at the Westin Kierland the other weekend. See the full post here. And there were a few items that were seriously necessary for this pregnant mama. 

  1. Logan & Lenora Daytripper Wet Bag - This bag was SO nice to have. We were able to throw water bottles, sippy cups, bathing suits, snacks etc in there and I knew that the bag was so easy to clean and it wouldn't ruin it if something leaked. Once everyone was done with their wet bathing suits I could just toss them in the bag while we were at dinner. Perfect summertime bag! Also, head to INSTAGRAM TONIGHT for a giveaway we are doing! Ends at 8pm! 
  2. Pink Blush Maternity Swim Suit - This is my 4th baby and the first time I have ever had a maternity swim suit. I am honestly sad to not be able to wear it after the baby is born! I felt SO comfortable in this suit, it held me in and the fit was absolutely perfect. It was 100% worth it! 
  3. Core Hydration's Organic Fruit Infused Water - The water pictured is Pomegranate Blue Acai and it is YUMMY. Its nice knowing I can have some more flavor but its still healthy, organic and hydrating. Water intake is so important when you are preggo but especially in Phoenix. And my kids think its juice. So thats a win/win in my book! 
  4. Pure Growth Organic Snacks -  I love this whole line. They have made amazing snacks that taste good, that are organic and that have characters on them which always helps the kids get excited about what they are eating. I am going to say this was for the kids...but we all know that when the kids were in the pool, this mama may or may not have munched on some White Cheddar Popcorn! 

What are some of your poolside or summertime favorites? 

And remember, head to Instagram for the Logan & Lenora Giveaway!