Sunday Night Scripture // Vol 1.

Pay close attention, friend, to what your father tells you;
never forget what you learned at your mother’s knee.
Wear their counsel like flowers in your hair,
like rings on your fingers.
Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you,
don’t go along with them.
If they say—“Let’s go out and raise some hell.
Let’s beat up some old man, mug some old woman.
Let’s pick them clean
and get them ready for their funerals.
We’ll load up on top-quality loot.
We’ll haul it home by the truckload.
Join us for the time of your life!
With us, it’s share and share alike!”—
Oh, friend, don’t give them a second look;
don’t listen to them for a minute.
They’re racing to a very bad end,
hurrying to ruin everything they lay hands on.
Nobody robs a bank
with everyone watching,
Yet that’s what these people are doing—
they’re doing themselves in.
When you grab all you can get, that’s what happens:
the more you get, the less you are.
— Proverbs 1:8-19 MSG

Lets talk about our kids, life and motherhood for a minute. Life is busy. (Ugh, I cringe at that word busy, more about this later). But we have so much going on. Cooking meals, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, working, errands, church, dance, gymnastics or soccer etc. But then we still have to care for haircuts or colors, mom needs new shoes (because her Nikes have holes in them), or mom gained weight from her pervious pregnancy and nothing fits so time to go to the gym...Its never ending. But in the midst of all these demands, how many of them are eternal? How many of these demands are pushing us towards Jesus and our relationship to him?  Better yet, our childrens' souls? Their Do we even have time to think about that? And how crappy do we feel when a lightbulb goes off and we realize our kids are not babies, and they are actual humans and we haven't spent two seconds praying for their future. (Or am I the only one?) 

They are in school now, and making friends. They are socializing and their personalities are beaming. But what have we done in preparation for this? And what can we continue to do to ensure that they are not only making good choices, but also leading other children to make good choices? 

Before my son started Kindergarten, we went over some scriptures together. We talked about how to shine Gods light when he starts school. One of our favorite things to do is say our affirmations together. Scripture based affirmations. We like to speak life over the kids and foster an environment where they can speak life over themselves and BELIEVE in what they are speaking. One of the affirmations that has stuck with my son is, "I am the head and not the tail, I am a leader and not a follower". For memory sake, we combined two scripture based affirmations. (Deut. 28:13 & Josh 1:6). He loves these, and it has seriously changed his behavior, especially in public settings. But we repeat these and it amazes me how many times he encounters situations where the other boys at school are misbehaving and he is recognized by his teachers for not engaging and also for leading the other boys in a different direction.

When I came across Proverbs 1:8-19, it totally jumped out at me. I've read Proverbs 1 a dozen times, but when I read it in "The Message" version, it meant something totally different. So this week, our family will be in Proverbs. Reading together as a family, studying what it means and finding ways to apply it. But I challenge you to pray for your children's future, for their friends or future friends, their one day boyfriends or girlfriends and eventually their spouses. And to pray for an unending amount of wisdom to guide them and support them through out all their relationships.  

Lord, I pray that you equip my husband and I with the wisdom needed to raise these children in a way that would honor you. I pray for protection and that you guide them in their decisions about friendships and relationships. I pray that the children, teens and adults that enter my kids lives would bring them closer to you. I pray that their friendships & relationships honor you and shine your light through them.  I pray for protection against broken hearts, disappointments and expectations, that the might Trust you and your provision throughout out their lives. Amen. 


What are some of your favorite scriptures you like to pray over your children? I would love to hear! Comment or shoot me an email!