Sunday Night Scripture // Vol. 2

When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which He had done for Israel.
— Judges 2:10

I started a bible study this week and the first day was SO good. Our Church's Women's Ministry is doing the "Gideon" study by Priscilla Shirer. I have done a few studies by her and each one is INCREDIBLE. 

Our first session, we discussed Judges 2:10  and what it looked like within this context and looking outside of it as well. If we take a look around, I feel like we are a similar generation as they were talking about here. We are a fallen generation, a lost generation and a generation who does not know the Lord or the work He has done for us. And as much as I want to expand on this and complain about this generation, I am not going to. Because I cannot control what is happening right now with the parenting, kids and teenagers. But what I do have "control" over is my children. I have been given these children temporarily. And one day, these babies will go out into the world and have to function properly. They will have to survive in this culture, maintain jobs and relationships and be an integral part of our society. And what a big job that is to raise another human to be able to function in society. But I don't want my children to just survive. I want them to thrive. And I want them to reflect all of Gods goodness in everything that they do. 

How is this going to happen when I am always distracted with everything else that is going on in life? Its not. It is a privilege to be their Mom. And it is the most important work. And I am slowly learning that.  I am learning that I don't juggle work, home, kids etc very gracefully. Or maybe I do and God is just pushing me more towards more important work recently. I don't know what all this looks like for us, but I know that I am so thankful for Gods word and his guidance and the peace it brings me in a world of Chaos. And I am so thankful that he has shown me how to break the cycle, enlighten my kids, push them towards Jesus and foster an environment where they can be a graceful leader in a world if confused and lost people. 

Lord, I pray for our world, or society and our future. That you guide us into love, peace and unity...not just as a nation, but as a human race.