Shopping Tax Free in the UK


Shopping in London is heaven. There is something about the style that you just can't get at shops here in Phoenix. And even better, because we are Non-Residents, we get to shop Tax Free, thankfully because of Premier Tax Free. A company that enables us to claim our tax back at the airport. And the tax in the UK isn't 8% like in Phoenix. It is 20%! So to get 20% back before you go back home is a huge bonus! (And major incentive to spend our money over there hehe). 

To start, my husband LOVES All Saints Jeans. They fit great, amazing quality and they last forever. We snagged 3 pairs of the Cigarette Jeans for him. And can I just say how thankful I am? He had been wearing the SAME pair of jeans for 2 years! (gawk!). The Hubs also scored some amazing work shoes from Top Shop


Then, we always hit up Zara for the whole family. But this mama needed some shoes...And because of my short legs, I have the hardest time finding Booties. But we spent one of our last days shopping in London and we went in to Office on Carnaby Street and my eyes lit UP! The amount of options was slightly overwhelming in the best way possible. And I walked out with not just one pair but TWO pairs of booties that I LOVED!

 Check out the steps below to find out where to shop and how to get your tax back! 

  1. Check out "Where To Shop Tax Free" and you can search by country and then Brand or Shop name! All the shops I named above are supported by Premier Tax Free
  2. Shop your brains out. (And always pack an extra suitcase when traveling to the UK because you will find more then you think you will at the shops)
  3. When you check out at the shops, you just ask for your VAT receipt and they print out a separate receipt from Premier Tax Free and put both receipts in an envelope for you to take with you to the airport to claim your tax back. 
  4. HELPFUL HINT: Once you are finished shopping, fill out all your receipts before you get to the airport. There are spots on each VAT receipt asking for your info such as Name, Address, Credit Card info (for your refund) and trip details. Having these completely filled out before the airport will speed up your wait time at the airport. 
  5. Once you get to the airport you will see an area that says VAT Refunds. Get in line (which is normally pretty short) and turn all your receipts in and decide how you want your refund. There are many options on ways to receive the money. Check them out here.  

For more information check out Premier Tax Free!  

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