Saying THANK YOU Instead of I’M SORRY


I’ve always believed in the power of words. I am careful about the words that I say. Even though I consider myself a confident woman, I am sensitive to words that people voice. If I'm being honest, I am pretty sure everyone can relate to this fine line. I believe my years of studying God's Word, coupled with my personality traits, have contributed to my interest. But more recently, I realized how powerful the words “thank you” are in exchange for “I’m sorry”.

Saying I’m Sorry is not necessarily a bad thing when used in an appropriate situation. Having a humble posture, and being willing to ask for forgiveness is praiseworthy. But the problem is when that phrase is used in situations that don't really call for an apology.  When used inappropriately, the innocent phrase creates a mindset of shame.

Motherhood in itself tends to harbor so much shame for no legit reason. Then on top of that, women are walking around apologizing for: being late, not knowing the right words to say, not being totally ready for the day, not having their houses sparkling clean. A lot of times, I see women apologizing for circumstances that are not even their own faults.

But what if we changed all of that? What if we wrapped our conversations in grace and gratitude? How do you think our mindsets and thoughts would change?

What if instead of saying, “I’m so sorry for being late”, we changed it to “Thank you so much for waiting. I really appreciate it!”

What if we replaced, “Sorry my house is so messy, I am such a disaster!” to “Thank you for being so kind to me, while I navigate motherhood. Postpartum is hard.”

What if instead of saying, “Ugh, sorry for my loud kids in the background”  you said, “Thanks for loving me in the midst of chaos. It means a lot.”

This is speaking life into our conversations. This is wrapping our words in grace - not only for the person on the receiving end but also for you.

Did you know that the person you speak most to is yourself?

You are the one person that you are in constant conversation with. It matters what you say. It matters what you think. It matters how your words make you feel. Are you lifting yourself up? Are giving yourself grace? Are you striving to be better but also loving yourself, even as a work in progress?

These things matter. What we say, matters.

I challenge you, this week, change the temperature of your conversations. You have the power to choose the words you say. And the powerful connection from your words to your mind and your life is so underestimated.

Will you do me a favor? Post about this on social media and tag me in it. Tell other moms that you are choosing grace, you are choosing gratitude, and they can do it too.

“Instead of saying I’m sorry for ______, I am now going to say thank you for __________.”