How to Incorporate Scripture your Kids Daily Lives

Recently we started homeschooling. I never thought I would be a homeschooling mama, but I am and I honestly love it. Well, we have our good days and not so good days, but I love the freedom and honestly the results are incredible. But one thing I love incorporating into our day is scripture. Just little bits here and there. We start each morning out with a little bit of Gods word and some art. (and this activity secretly hits many other educational points as well for the day!)


Our time each morning starts off with our "Morning Basket". I keep a small basket on the dinner table with paper, markers, watercolor paints, brushes and little cups for the water. I write out a scripture (ahead of time) on a piece of paper and have my kids copy it and then illustrate the scripture with markers and watercolor paints. Normally they are doing this while I am cooking or cleaning up from breakfast. It honestly takes no effort on my part and the kids just think they are doing crafts. Eventually, we will get to the point when life settles down and we can all sit together as a family, but until then, its really big help for me having them occupied for a bit.  


I created a free PDF download for you with instructions and short scriptures to start off with! These are easy scriptures for the kids to write out and illustrate and also memorize! Click the button below to download!