The Side Braid

I'm all about quick styles that add a little cuteness to this MOM status I've got goin on. This style is super quick and I love to do it on day 2 or 3...what I mean by that is I don't wash my hair every day. (I don't even know who does, but if you do - you deserve an award). So Day 1 consists of washing, blow drying and either curling or straightening my hair. Then day two gets a little braid or half up. Day 3 is usually a cute ponytail...and 4...there is a day is a top knot. Sometimes I wash it again..sometimes its still in a bun for another day. (Don't judge me). But my hair does not get oily quick, so this is for folks who can hang with a 4/5 day streak of no washing. PS...Dry shampoo is a must! 

Anyway, below is a step by step for how to style your hair like this! Videos coming soon, my friends. I promise! Any volunteers to come clean my house and take care of the kids so I can bring you more fun content?? Ha!! #MomLife #TheStruggleIsReal

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