The Solution to Messy Bunk Bed Bedding in a Room with 4 Kiddos


I am a true minimalist at heart. Even with 4 kids. I don’t like toys everywhere. I don’t deal with chaos very well and I like to walk into a space and feel peace rather than stress. Which is sometimes a challenge with a big family.

How is this possible with 4 kids sharing ONE room? (If you don’t know our story, check out my post on why we chose to live with less) They are bound to have toys, clothes + books roaming all around the room right? Nope. I will admit that we have not found our rhythm yet with laundry and all the kids clothes (the closet gets a good clean out once a week but they can’t figure out how to make the dirty clothes in the actual hamper yet…).

We have mastered less toys, less kids stuff and less mess. But the ONE thing that was driving me NUTS was their unmade beds every single day. I have ONE child who made her bed - and she is my 10 year old. But even she was finding it challenging to make her bed in the mornings on the top bunk. On top of that, the bedding would just not fit well and lay over the beds in such a messy way.

We needed a solution. I had heard about Beddy’s before as the kids zippable bedding and the perfect bunk bed bedding. So I did some research and realized that this was honestly the solution. It was a total investment. I must admit. But sometimes, it takes quality investment pieces to relieve stress and anxiety from our daily lives and schedules. The bedding is all attached, so it is one piece and it zips on each side. This allows for even my 3 year old to be able to make her bed quickly, easily and without stress. And not only that, she is actually excited to zip it up every morning.

It totally gives us that “peace” when we walk into the kids rooms knowing that blankets aren’t laying everywhere and it gives us one less thing to worry about in the mornings because the kids get up, zip their beds up and its made in 2 seconds. We aren’t nagging, we aren’t irritated at a mess - because there isn’t a mess any more!

(click images to enlarge)

I used to buy the cheap stuff, friends. I used to get the latest deal, not invest in anything and try to cut corners. But I can honestly say that when you do pay more for a really good quality product, it is worth it. You end up paying more for the cheap stuff. You pay more in your TIME, your energy and having to replace it anyway.

This was a hard investment to make (even with a coupon code) because we had to make it x4! But, I love one thing that Allie Casazza says… we buy things not just with our money but with our time. When we buy toys, clothes, bedding - anything really, we are not only buying it with the time it spent working for the money to get it originally, but then spending time caring for it afterwards too!

I don’t want to nag on my kids all the time. So by providing an effective product to not only help them sleep well (because the bedding is so dang soft) but it also gives them autonomy. They are able to care for their own things, make their own beds without me needing to remind them because I am providing the environment for them to succeed in.

I am going to do an entire post about how all 4 kiddos are doing in one bedroom and once I get a hold of the clothes situation, I will update you on that too!

Choosing to live with less doesn’t mean that you don’t buy anything. But that you invest in pieces that truly serve you well so that you can worry about less. Beddy’s was the perfect solution to this!


** The Beddy’s option we purchased was “Love at First White” for all 4 beds. We chose this really simple white design because it is light, fresh, airy and we can decorate any room - any way with a simple bedding to start with. I plan on decorating their room for Christmas and can make it festive by adding a throw blanket and a cute Christmas pillow on their beds. They wont outgrow the design and we can redecorate at any point.