This little family of mine...


I say this "little" family of mine, but I really mean big. Its a little crazy that we are adding in #4 in just a few short weeks. Everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous about another baby, and I am not at all. (My husband on the other hand....#FreakingABit) I am looking forward to having this baby this summer. When we have NO schedules, when the kids are home and family is available to come in town and hang out. 

I am vowing to slow my brain down, let my body rest and watch so many movies on the couch and in bed with my kids. Why? Because we NEVER do. I am so weird about movies, ipads, technology etc. I hate when my kids use any technology. I want them to be playing outside in the dirt. BUT, for this summer, we will be doing a lot of resting. Maybe spoil them with some new water toys out in our backyard. 

We also have a Annual Membership to The Children's Museum of Phoenix and our Summer Movie fun with Harkins. These are both great options for the grandparents to take the grandkids out while mom and baby are resting!! (#HintHint). 

Over all, this pregnancy has been such a blessing. It has been so easy and I have not been sick. Which is such a change from previous pregnancies. Normally I am a hot mess. So I am thankful and not anxious about the approaching "due month". I will be sharing more about my birth team in the next few weeks and how making a few simple changes has eased any fears and anxieties. 

Where are all my other pregnant mamas at? Do you feel anxious at all?