Traveling with kids to the U.K.


This is our 3rd time traveling to the U.K. And to be honest, it's always been so easy. The older kids have always traveled well. The flight is 10 hours, which most people gasp when they hear that. But it's a night flight direct from Phoenix to London so we basically sleep the whole time. But this trip was slightly different. It definitely was not easy. It was Mia's first time flying to the U.K. And she is the most restless child I know. She doesn't sit still and is the lightest sleeper. Add in a fever for 5 days, and it was a bit if a disaster. But we survived. Here are a few things to remember when traveling with kids... 


#1. Don't wait to travel til they are older. Get them used to it as early as possible. All of my kids have been traveling since they were a few weeks old. From all over the states, to Mexico to London and Spain. I love that we can go to a different country and the kids are open to trying new foods and they sincerely enjoy the different cultures. 


#2 Travel Light. Unless you are traveling on a safari to Africa, bring the basic necessities. There will be stores all around. And babies do survive all over the world. On this trip, we went to the pharmacy a few times, needed diapers, tights etc. and we just got them whenever we were. We even had to see a doctor for Mia. 


#3 Most places are pretty child friendly. Any pub or restaurant we went in always made sure we had what we needed, made accommodations for the kids, changes to the menu and made sure Mia had warm milk for the road. 


#4 When traveling to a different time zone, do not look at what time it is back home. You will only confuse your body and mind that much more. When we come to the U.K., we don't look at what time it is back in PHX. Whatever time the clock says in the U.K., is what time it is. You will adjust quicker. And when you are out all day, and it's time to go to sleep, you will be tired for sure. Especially with kids! 



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