Upcoming Travels

I feel like we have barely spent any time at home in Phoenix this summer. Or pretty much this year at all. I have been so blessed to have spent the past year or so traveling around for work and lots of special family events. We have been to California, Vancouver, Oregon, New York, Texas, Indiana and on Wednesday this week, my family and I leave for England and Ibiza, Spain! We will be spending two weeks away with family & friends and I cant wait to share loads of pictures for you all! Follow along on Instagram & make sure to download the PERISCOPE app so I can show you London & Spain with a LIVE video feed!! I will have my laptop and try to blog as much as possible, but I hope you all have a great rest of the summer. Catch you on the flip side! X 

Trip Dates: July 22nd -August 6th 

All email inquiries and responses will take place upon our return.