Using Daily Rhythms to Get More Done

What are daily rhythms? 

Daily rhythms are healthy habits that you create and implement to add intentionality in your day.  I don't think its just moms that let stuff pile up our build up. There are responsibilities that we put off, household tasks that we procrastinate on and we avoid things that just aren't fun. Which is really silly because the work isn't going to go away. It's going to sit there and just wait for us to do it eventually. Like laundry or dishes. Yuk. But its not so bad when you tackle it daily. 

Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters.
— Pandora Poikilos

One rhythm or healthy habit that I have implemented in my days are doing one load of laundry every day. My husband and I HATE when we have massive laundry piles. And it's been a huge problem for a long time for us. We wait until the weekend, we let all our stuff pile up, do all the loads at once and then fold them. By the time we're done folding we are so tired and sick of laundry that we just let the piles sit around the house. So it goes from dirty like to clean pile and then back to a dirty pile. Not only does that suck, but it's messy. And who wants to live in a messy house? Since starting this rhythm, we have kept up on our laundry so much better than before. Another key part to this is MINIMIZING OUR WARDROBES. I realized that I didn't wear most of what was in my closet. And what I did wear, i just threw on because it was clean. (because my dang laundry was piked up on the floor). And most of the time I felt like crap in what I was putting on. So by eliminating those "quick fix" clothing items, I lowered the amount of laundry that we do, I feel better in each outfit I wear and I have to make less decisions in the morning about what I am putting on my body. Its a win/win!  

Here are a few other rhythms that I have implemented in order to keep my weeks going smoother and keep work from piling up....

  1. Daily load of laundry...or every other day once you get caught up. 
  2. We load all dishes in dishwasher after dinner as a family, wash them overnight and then unload each morning. Those 3 things are separate "daily rhythms" for us that work together to help eliminate an overflow of dishes. 
  3. Bring down (and start) a load of laundry BEFORE you do anything else for the day. I wake up, come downstairs and put it straight in the washer. Then I move on to my other tasks such as reading, making coffee or tea, breakfast for the kids etc. We have laundry sorters in our closet so everything is sorted ahead of time. 
  4. Once a load of laundry is done and dry, I PUT IT AWAY. Don't let it sit there. It literally takes 2 minutes to fold. And maybe 5 minutes to put away. SO why do we hold off and let it just sit there? TIP: Do not start a load of laundry unless you are home and prepared to see it through to the end. If you aren't prepared to put the laundry away when its done, don't even start it. 


What tasks or physical items are piling up in your house that you feel you could break up and tackle each morning?? 

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