What is Time Management?

Being a working mom for the past decade has seriously given me so much hands on experience with productivity but more important LACK of productivity that comes with motherhood and "working from home". I think it takes a very certain kind of person to work from home and requires a lot of motivation. BUT, not only working moms need proper time management skills. Stay at home moms do as well. Well....everyone does. But that's a different day/post.  It doesn't matter if you "work" or if you don't. Being a mom IS work.  And there are so many tasks when it comes to running a household. Its exhausting and its draining. But it doesn't have to be. 

I like to look at time management less as a tool to "get more done" but more as a skill of prioritizing what you already have to do. Join me as we dig deeper into time management skills for the overwhelmed mom. 


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