What's In My Hospital Bag?

When most people think about packing a hospital bag, they think about the cute little outfits they want to dress their baby in. But its different for us, because we don't know the gender of the baby. And its less about the baby, because frankly - the hospital provides everything the baby needs. But more about, what I will need for labor and delivery. 

Choosing a natural delivery makes this process even more important because I will need to heavily rely on my tools that I bring with me. But honestly, everything I have packed in my bag could serve a purpose for a mom who decides on a natural delivery OR a delivery with pain meds. 

1. The Bag - The bag pictured here is from Parasol Co and its actually their diaper bag that they sell, but I love it so much that I just threw my own stuff in there. 

2. My Robe - Bringing things from home is comforting, but also, the hospital robes aren't the cutest. I am bringing my floral robe from Pink Blush for after the baby is born so I can lounge in something I am comfortable in. I also have a black nursing nightgown and matching robe I am packing. (Not sure where they are from. I think Macy's). 

3. Toiletries - I have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and lotion. Freshening up after birth is a must! 

4. Snacks - I am currently obsessed with the Cranberry Almond Kind bars, so those went straight into the bag. Having snacks that are nutritious and provide energy is so important. Most hospitals don't "let" you eat while you are in labor. But the fact is, you are allowed to eat. And that is something you should stand up for. It makes no sense forcing your body to work so hard with no food in your system. So snack on some bland foods that will give you energy. Nuts and bars and carbs are good options. 

5. Essential Oils (And Diffuser) - There are so many oils that would benefit a laboring mama. My husband and I love to diffuse Gentle Baby during labor. It is calming and comforting and we can all use that during labor. Clary Sage is a really good oil to rub on on your ankles to help encourage labor, peppermint for nausea or a headache, Peace and Calming would also be a good one to diffuse. The benefits are endless! I can do an entire post on oils for maternity and delivery. The Bag pictured here is from Lava Essentials. 

6. Headphones - Music is a huge aide in focus and to calm nerves. I have an incredible playlist that we listen to. But we have also chosen HypnoBirthing as one of our "pain management" tools. I honestly hate to say the word pain when associated with brith. It is so negative, and it doesn't have to be negative or painful. We are taking Private HypnoBirthing sessions from Jules the Doula. She is incredible and I would highly recommend her! Also, reading this book is so informative! 

7. Nursing Bra - My two favorite nursing bras are from Bravado & a little sexy one from Oh La Lari! Who doesn't want a pretty lacy bra? 

8. Eye Mask - I have to have my eye mask. If you have not slept with one yet, you should. It totally shuts out all light and for some reason it just gives me such a good nights rest. But for labor, it helps you tune out the lights and with the help of headphones - you are in your own world, able to focus on calm breathing and helping your baby enter this world! 

9. Mothers Milk Tea - I love this tea for just after the baby is born. And I generally have a few cups of it while I am in the hospital as well as the few months after I have baby to help keep my milk production consistent. 

What were your must haves when you delivered? Did you try for natural or were you happy to get an epidural? 

All Images // Kourtney Marie Photography