Holiday Makeup Hacks to Save You Time!

We all know that time is limited as a Mama. Especially around the holidays.

One of the things I teach in my courses is how to do your makeup quickly and efficiently. The goal here is that you aren’t spending hours on end shuffling through products and watching lengthy tutorials on looks you will never do. I give you a detailed and short list of products that actually work and then step by step instructions on how to apply them.

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When Society Mocks Mothers, and How We Can Fight Back

Women in current times are DEMANDING respect, demanding equal rights, demanding that they are treated fairly just as men would bet etc etc etc. But yet this is how we show up? This is how society views us?

I think MOMS are forgetting that they are a freaking integral part of society. We are raising the next generation of humans and if THIS is how we show up…we have a problem.

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How to Pick a Flattering Dress for Family Photos + The Holidays

Dressing is no easy feat as a mama. We’ve got so much on our plate, lots to think about, limited funds (thanks diapers, broken arms and preschool dues), and then there is the mom bod. We find ourselves post baby, with left over nursing boobs, wider hips and just some funky things to overcome.

But, as always where there is a will there is a way. I will always maintain the position that moms don’t have to look like crap. We can put a little effort in and with the right tools, we can look really good while doing this whole motherhood thing.

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The Solution to Messy Bunk Bed Bedding in a Room with 4 Kiddos

I am a true minimalist at heart. Even with 4 kids. I don’t like toys everywhere. I don’t deal with chaos very well and I like to walk into a space and feel peace rather than stress. Which is sometimes a challenge with a big family.

How is this possible with 4 kids sharing ONE room? (If you don’t know our story, check out my post on why we chose to live with less) They are bound to have toys, clothes + books roaming all around the room right? Nope.

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My Recent Mascara + Eyelash Favorites

I used to get lash extensions, and I LOVE them. I totally recommend them but honestly I don’t have the time anymore to maintain them. I wish I could, but right now our season of life is just so full. So I started looking into how I could get as similar effect at home, without putting on false lashes every single day..

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A Broken Arm + A Wreck of a Mommy

Goodness friends. The past coupled days have been a challenge, to say the least.

Our sweet boy fell on Sunday night. He was in his room playing, fell off of a chair and broke his arm. While I literally cannot get into specific details because I am still a mess about it, all I know is that it was bad. It is nothing I ever want to experience again or have my babies experience.

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5 practical ways to boost your self confidence as a mama

#MomLife - It comes with lots of changes. Changes to our minds, our bodies and our relationships. We sleep less, we eat worse, we have to buy bigger clothes that are “breastfeeding friendly”...truth be told - it’s not the most flattering time of our lives. But it doesn’t mean that we have to lose ourselves either. We don’t have to feel crappy and look crappy all while our kids walk around looking like models.

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The Power of Your Mind

I was listening to this podcast the other day while I was driving. And the guy was talking about the power of thought. He said - our brains are ancient (like caveman status). They are wired to survive, not thrive. Our brains naturally function in a fear based manner trying to keep us safe and alive. And that it takes an intentional “rewiring” or retraining of our brain to get out of survival mode and start to function in a more positive + thriving way.

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Why We Live in an Apartment

A few years ago, my husband and I bought our first house. We were so ecstatic. We watched way too much Chip and Jo and thought we had it all worked out. And while we were so thankful for the opportunity to own our own home and fix it up exactly how we wanted it - we soon realized that it was a money and time pit. And it wasn't what either of us wanted, at least not right now. Not in the season of raising babies, soccer games, work meetings, first steps, first words, family vacations and more. 

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