Do you feel like you need some one on one help?

Private coaching might be what you need!


Self care is vital.

A common misconception among mothers and women is that spending time, energy and resources on themselves is selfish. But what they don’t realize is that true self care is sustaining. It is proactively making choices that will help sustain them through the natural chaos that comes with raising a family.

Sometimes that is simply working out so that your body can sustain the amount of energy it takes to chase after those babies. And sometimes it is utilizing money as a tool to gain the resources and physical tools needed to execute self care. Sometimes it is simply planning in advance and having proper time management skills. There are a million ways and reasons why self care is vital not only for yourself but for your family, your kids and your marriage.

You can drink all the coffee you want, you can go to target 7 days a week, you can drink that glass of wine…but all of that is temporary. And reactive.

A self care coach can help you develop systems, rhythms and habits to transform your life and teach you how to be proactive and not reactive.

I believe God has called us to an abundant life! Not a life where we live in a constant state of survival mode!

And I believe a huge part of stepping into the life that God has called us to is to get out of our own ways, learn to master our inner voice, take care of ourselves properly, to know our worth and to truly be intentional with our lives.

Why choose one on one coaching:

  • You need help sorting through some thoughts

  • You want to get a clear and personal plan in place to help implement sustaining self care habits and rhythms for yourself

  • You need help working through some roadblocks that you haven’t been able to break through

  • You have self-demeaning thoughts that you cannot get past

  • You have a negative inner voice that holds you back from making decisions

  • You have special circumstances that require creative thinking and brainstorming in order to move past them.

Who I can help:

  • Those that have an open mind and who are ready to put the work in

  • Those that don’t mind getting a straightforward answer.

  • Those that are ready for change.

  • Those that are ready to transform their minds + lives.

  • Those that need help and community and someone to walk alongside them for a period of time.

Who I cannot help:

  • Those that find every excuse or reason why they shouldn’t see change

  • Someone that is easily offended

  • Someone who thinks they want change but isn’t ready to put the work in

What you get with coaching:

  • Personal answers to your own questions

  • A friend who is willing to tell you the truth in order to affect change

  • A private Q+A session

  • A Strategic plan of 3 action steps for you to implement for self care or self love or any other issue you are facing

Coaching Calls are Virtual, One on One and Planned ahead


Why Jaime?

God has given me a story. He was walked me through the hills and the valleys. And he has called me to guide and help those that need it. He has sustained me through seasons of wealth and poverty, through health and physical trials, through pregnancies, and court hearings, and relationships, being a single mother, being isolated, living in survival mode, bad relationships, good relationships, one child, four children, different birth stories, through debt, entrepreneurship, fear and anxiety. They key - I have not only made it through but gained some transformational insight + tools. I have had some incredible women pour into me and I have acquired knowledge and skills that are waiting to be unleashed for YOU.

***Once you sign up for your coaching appointment + pay the fee, you will fill out a form that will ask some basic questions. These questions must be filled out fully in order for me to prepare for our meeting time.