What if I want natural + organic makeup?

Master Your Hair + Makeup Routine offers multiple PDF/eBooks within the course. One of them is The Natural Beauty Guide which includes natural and organic makeup options! You can utilize the application techniques with any products whether that is traditional makeup or a more natural option.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! As long as there is internet, you will have access to the course. You will also receive new updates free of charge, even though the price will increase for non-students. I am always improving my work!

How long does it take to get through the courses?

I am very to-the-point person and that is reflected in my Hair + Makeup course. I show you the exact techniques I have perfected over my 14 years doing this professionally, and I show you HOW to do it yourself. It’s quick and simple. The Healthy, Happy Mom (our self care course) will take you a couple hours to read but a few weeks to implement. Only because you will not want to overwhelm yourself with new habits! (Too many changes to quick won’t last and we want lasting results!)

What if I am not a mom? Will the course still help me?

Totally! The content that we teach is relevant for ANYONE. Literally, anyone can gain something from our resources. So whether you are a mom or a busy college student - you can and will 'learn a ton!

Why should I trust you?

I have been in the beauty industry for 14 years and worked on thousands of women. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback that I received over the course of my makeup artist career is that everyone looked like themselves, but better. And that it barely took me any time to transform them! My goal as an artist and an online educator is not to hide you, not to bury you under layers of makeup, but to truly give you the simple tools, tricks and recommendations so that you can jump into your own beauty routines efficiently and feel confident after. I have 4 kids myself, and I understand the time constraints that most women have. But I believe that women shouldn’t neglect themselves -and that when moms get themselves ready - they feel better, are more confident and accomplish more!

What age group is the beauty course created for?

The beauty guide is perfect for teens up to any age! The amazing part about this course is that you can use any products and any colors - but the application techniques are what sets this course apart from any lesson or you tube video on the market! This course is not targeted to any specific age, rather, the basic and foundational hair and makeup skills to be able to get yourself ready at any age or any stage of life! The only age group that we wouldn’t recommend this course for is a tween or newly beginning makeup wearer. (We do have a tween beauty/self-care course launching 2020)

I am not from the USA. Will the guide still work for me?

YES! We have students in 28 different countries and counting! The best part is that our techniques are universal! While the course is created in english and the products are linked to US stores, you can still find most of the products in Europe and the UK! There are some smaller countries that wont have as many options, but the brands are typically worldwide!

What if I don’t know anything about beauty?

That’s perfect! We will show you everything you need to know! There are no prerequisites for the courses. You can jump in at any stage!

Why shouldn’t I just watch youtube videos?

WHEW! Glad you asked! Youtube is awesome, but a lot of the beauty bloggers are simply bloggers - not makeup artists. Not only that but they accept sponsorships from beauty brands (meaning they get paid a certain amount of money to share about the product on their social channels). Which means that their recommendations have alternative motives - other than a genuine recommendation or long term, relationship with the product. What is different about my product recommendations, is that I buy all of my products just like you do. So I understand how hard it is to spend $40 on a foundation that you hate. I want to walk through the same buying experience as you, understand the product, use it on all my clients and myself and know that I really love it before I recommend it! The majority of the products that I recommend are products that I have used on clients for 10+ years. And while there are some newer products in my guide, they are typically tested on many different skin types and face shapes before being shared!

What program do you use for your courses?

We use Teachable for all of our courses so that you have easy access, whenever you need! This includes a free iPhone app to give you access on the go!