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This was the best money I have spent on something just for ME. I finally have a how-to guide for makeup and hair that is FAST and works. No more trial and error or watching lengthy YouTube videos - I know exactly what to do and what products/tools to use. Jamie is trustworthy, to the point, and gives tips and tricks that you can (and should) start using immediately! A must-purchase for busy mommas!
— Kathryn

You have changed my life. Until I found your site I was always just a yoga pant, messy bun,SAHM. I felt like I needed something after having 6 children. With your beauty guide, I am confident and smiling again. I was so lost and didn’t know where to start to put myself back together again. You were my first step. I cant thank you enough for taking time out to do this beauty guide. Know that you have made a difference in my life. Thank you so much. You are a true blessing!
— Kathryn

Loved The Complete Guide to Beauty by Jaime! It was so easy to follow and I now feel more confident in my makeup routine and can get out the door so much quicker each morning. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make their makeup routine easier and flawless!
— Ada S.

I just bought The Complete Guide to Beauty and find it informative. I like that she recommends products to make it easy to figure out what to buy. I think the instructional videos are helpful to learn to apply some of these things that I have never used and a better way to use the items I was already using. I haven’t been wearing much makeup because I am a stay at home mom, but I am working on taking better care of myself and this will really help me feel more confident in how I make myself look
— Sarah B.

My whole life I have wanted a professional to walk me through my makeup routine - every step with actual recommendations to all brands of makeups- not brands they’re selling at the counter for commission. Jamie has done this! For each step in the makeup process, she recommends 2-4 brands with a little review about each one. Her course is fantastic. I learned so much! She has detailed videos to applying makeup. I can’t wait to go to Sephora and get some samples!
— Rebecca T.

Thanks so much putting together this comprehensive guide with videos for makeup selection and application. There are so so many products that it’s easy to make a purchase and not see the results your looking for. I already purchased the concealer you recommended and I absolutely love it! And thank you Allie - for recommending her!! I feel so much better in my Mom skin!
— Susan
This is an amazing guide. I feel like I finally found a non biased beauty guru who is giving me real, solid information. I didn’t have a mother who taught me anything about beauty so I’ve never been skilled in that area and as a mom of 2 it’s even harder to take the time to figure it all out. Now I have a guide that I can easily go through and read or watch a video about whatever beauty area I’m trying to figure out and it has taken a stressful task of trying to figure it out out of my day
— Leah S.

I’m a mother of 6. I had no clue what I was doing so I didn’t do anything with makeup. Jaime gave me confidence in feeling good about myself. She was specific on what exactly to use and how to apply the product. Reading about how to apply then seeing the videos demonstrating the process OMG game Changer. I love everything about this course!
— Anon.

It is really helpful to have the products and how to use them all in one place. I understand the importance of makeup but that is not an area I am interested in spending my time and energy figuring out myself. This course fills that gap for me.
— Jessica J.

This is super simple, super straightforward and super knowledgable. I know nothing about makeup and yet now, at 34, I finally feel empowered about how to purchase and apply makeup. Thank you
— Krystal

I love how each section is broken down and has a video! It’s very detailed and breaks down exactly what you need!
— Angela

Love that the Beauty Guide includes the product and tool recommendations, but also has the videos with technique. Can’t wait to use all that I’ve learned to get more use of the products I own!
— Shelley

I’m going to be honest, I was very reluctant to purchase this guide. I felt like I got so much great information from the webinar that I could just take off from there. I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on myself. After thinking on it for a few hours I thought to myself “why don’t I deserve this? After hearing the ladies talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves as moms I decided to purchase the guide and I’m so glad I did! The way everything is laid out with videos makes it fool proof. I’ve been cutting down on the time it takes to get ready, slowly but surely I’m beginning to purchase products, and I just notice and overall difference in my confidence and attitude. Do yourself a favor and purchase this guide, you won’t regret it!
— Jessica

The beauty guide is amazing. I wish someone would have taught me how to do makeup when I was a teenager. I have never felt confident wearing makeup, but I am already putting a few of your tips to work and have been getting compliments.
— Katy

It was very empowering to walk into Ulta armed with knowledge about the exact products I wanted to try. The ladies didn’t know what to do with such a decisive customer!
— Jordan