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What you’ll get in this course…

  • My entire arsenal of makeup recommendations from 14 years of experience as a professional hair and makeup (including contouring, bronzing, blush, shadow, a winged liner, and so much more)

  • Broken down videos and lessons for each category of makeup for easy and quick learning

  • A breakdown of what makeup brushes are best to use and why

  • How to use and care for a beauty blender (and why you totally need one in your makeup bag)

  • How to apply false lashes like a PRO

  • Product recommendations for hair and the best styling tools

  • Videos breaking down how to do your hair like the pro’s

  • A massive bonus section that will help you with more advanced techniques

  • Access to a private community of women learning to care for themselves well and having a blast doing it

I love how each section is broken down and has a video! It’s very detailed and breaks down exactly what you need!
— — Angela

Will the Beauty Guide work for Me?


Q. Does The Complete Guide to Beauty include natural makeup products?

My product recommendations are based on products I use on other people as well as myself. The goal is to create looks that are easy and quick to obtain, but also last through real life mom stuff. Natural and organic products simply do not withstand an extended period of time, so they are not something I actually recommend regularly. I have included a small guide to some of the natural and organic products that I do like and that eBook IS included in this course. You can always take the application tips and use your preferred products. The course will still help you in that way!

Q. Will the advice in this course require a lot of my time each day?

Not at all. My tips are aimed at busy moms who want to look put together and feel confident in a few minutes each morning, then get on with their day without having to think about their appearance again til the next morning.

Q. How long will I have access to the course once I enroll?

Forever! As long as there is internet, you will have access to the course. You will also receive new updates free of charge, even though the price will increase for non-students. I am always improving my work!

Q. Is this course only good for younger people? I am in my 40s and would still like some help with products and application.

This course is great for any age! It is aimed at late teens all the way up to granny’s age! My experience comes from doing hair and makeup for various skin types, ages of clients and different needs. Being an artist for 14 years, I had plenty of experience needing to glam up everyone. The core of the products that I recommend are the ones that I used frequently and could trust that they would work all across the board.

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Loved The Complete Guide to Beauty by Jaime! It was so easy to follow and I now feel more confident in my makeup routine and can get out the door so much quicker each morning. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make their makeup routine easier and flawless!
— Ada S.
This was the best money I have spent on something just for ME. I finally have a how-to guide for makeup and hair that is FAST and works. No more trial and error or watching lengthy YouTube videos - I know exactly what to do and what products/tools to use. Jamie is trustworthy, to the point, and gives tips and tricks that you can (and should) start using immediately! A must-purchase for busy mommas!
— Kathryn
This is super simple, super straightforward and super knowledgable. I know nothing about makeup and yet now, at 34, I finally feel empowered about how to purchase and apply makeup.
— Krystal