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While I have you, I wanted to give you the link to my Eyebrow Masterclass! I show you how to trim, wax, tint and fill in your own eyebrows at home!

This class is normally $25 but I want you to have it for $15.

Jump on it before this page disappears and save yourself $385!! No joke, you won’t be able to access this page once this timer stops!

Most women spend $400+ per year on eyebrow MAINTENANCE!

but not you! Not anymore!

Eyebrow Masterclass
15.00 25.00

The long awaited eyebrow masterclass! Open to anyone who wants to learn how to shape and maintain their own brows! Once you purchase the class, you will get an email telling you to click to get your downloads. CLICK IT! This will be your class information and the link for you to get into the class! You will only have 24 hours to download the PDF containing the class info!

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This Masterclass Is Going To Teach You...

  • How to wax your own eyebrows

  • How to trim your own eyebrows

  • How to shape your brows and keep them maintained

  • How to tint your brows

  • And how to fill them in daily using all the different brow products on the market!

  • Plus a Q+A at the very end where you can ask all the questions!

Eyebrow Masterclass
15.00 25.00
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