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We strive to support, inspire and provide tools, knowledge and wisdom to women worldwide to help them find their confidence. Our courses are a straightforward approach to simplifying the beauty world for the everyday woman. We are an all women team made up of stay at home moms all striving for the same purpose: to serve women well and to spark a joy and confidence in them that they never knew existed. Our founder, a 14 year hair and makeup artist, has compiled all of her knowledge from the beauty industry and her extensive experience working with the everyday woman to bring you resources that will replenish you as a woman and a mom, pulling you out of survival mode and pushing you into a space where you can thrive, confidently.


over a decade of experience

our founder

One year after the successful launch of her first online beauty course, she set out on another adventure to create simple and affordable resources for women in other areas than beauty. After being a mother of four babies and walking through some rough patches of life, she was able to not only overcome but dominate her rhythms and systems that helped create a team environment for her family and had them functioning like a well oiled machine.

Master Your Motherhood is yet another example of how simple resources can have an amplified effect when it is combined with the right instruction, a positive environment and a full on support system.

Jaime thoroughly enjoys reading, learning, and speaking at various women’s events. Her heart is for women and moms and she knows that our world will look a lot different when mothers and women learn to love themselves, value their positions and move forward into a life that God has called them to without guilt and fear.

Jaime currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and their four children. 

From doing hair and makeup for red carpets to styling brides and everything in between, Jaime has truly mastered the art of not just hair and makeup, but simplifying the art of hair and makeup.

After being in the beauty industry for 14 years she realized that there was a huge gap in the beauty industry. The internet is flooded will millions of youtube videos and incredible artists teaching a wide variety of skills, looks and tricks. But non that were able to simplify the processes enough to teach to everyday women how to manage their own beauty regimen without the overwhelm.

So she set out to create online resources that any women in the world could access at any time. Whether it was that postpartum mama that just needed a little boost to feel herself again or the woman that feels like she’s lost herself over the years. Jaime has finally broken down the beauty industry enough so that it is sustainable, simple and easy to implement at any stage in life.


what is The Mac House?

behind the brand

The Mac House was a small blog that Jaime shared various stories and content on while she was a hair and makeup artist. She wanted a place that she could share more lifestyle type content for her clients and followers. The Mac House was actually never intended to be what it is today. And MAC actually has nothing to do with makeup or the brand. MAC is short for McLaughlin (their last name) and that is what they call their household. Her beauty guide and courses were a natural progression from starting off with sharing free content to moving into high value content specifically made for moms. So while she loved this space as a place to share casually, it has turned into a thriving business and the name stuck!


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