Why I unfollowed 1500+ people on Instagram


"Consumption exerts enough of an influence on our lives that it becomes part of our identities.  We not only use consumption to construct our own identities, but we use it to infer the identities of others... Sometimes consumption can deleteriously influence our identities, by making us feel inferior or inadequate.  Ultimately, consumption and identity can be closely related" 

This was what I recently read from an article on Psychology Today. 

I knew that what I was "consuming"  had an impact on my mental state, but not totally my identity. I think we, as a society, are currently functioning in such a passive and subconscious state when we do things, especially when we are on social media. This is just society today. We just accept the social norms with out question or argument. And we just flick and scroll without thought. 

But I couldn't do it anymore. 

I was finding myself in a place of serious discontentment, frustration, stress and anxiety.

So I started to think about where am I spending a lot of time? Besides my kids, my family, my friends....what else am I spending my mental power thinking about or doing? 

Instagram + Facebook. That was it. So I started actually reading the names of who I was following and asking myself these questions...

How do I know this person + do I still talk to them or currently have a relationship with them?

If not, why do I want to keep in some sort of contact with them?

If they are a public figure, why am I following them and do they add value to my life? 

Do I feel good after I walk away from their posts + content? 

If I didn't know them, like them, talk regularly to them or I left their page feeling like crap about myself or my life, I unfollowed them. 

But then as I started to do that, I realized there were SO many that I was unfollowing on Instagram...and in true Jaime fashion, I needed a way to do it more efficiently. 

So I downloaded an app and unfollowed everyone! Yep, all 1500+ people I was currently following. 

I thought, if I really wanted to know their content and see their life, I would have to intentionally go find them and follow them. 

So now I have about 5 followers, and I am slowly adding in a couple people a day to follow again. Some are for inspiration, some are because I freaking just love them and they are hilarious and make me laugh, a lot of who I choose to follow helps me with being an entrepreneur and mom and that's it. 

It has helped me spend less time on my phone and helped my creative processes function a lot better. And it has removed some of the non stop self hate talk that was happening as I scrolled through and compared myself to all those on the internet. 

My hope is that I can constantly provide content that leaves you with more motivation, more self love and self awareness and maybe some laughs in between. But you have full permission to unfollow me if I make you feel like crap. Because it's just not worth it, ladies. 

Happy Sunday, mamas. 



Read the entire Psychology Today Article here: